Sunday, December 4, 2022

Malaysian teaches how to open Durian in Chinese variety show

Social NewsMalaysian teaches how to open Durian in Chinese variety show

Being a Malaysian, the aroma and flavour rich durian is something that we can commonly find along the streets. However, not many people outside of Malaysia can accept this fruit, due to the strong smell.

Past few years, durian had been exported to China and is quick to gain popularity among the citizens there. However, durian is not commonly available on the streets there and most people do not know how to even open a durian.

Recently, Vice President of Malaysia-China Chamber of Commerce (MCCC), Loh Wee Keng had got an opportunity to show his skills on how to open a durian in a Chinese variety show, called the Connections. In the show, he wore his glove and skillfully open a durian after poking into the middle of the durian.

Apart from teaching people how to open a durian, he taught them how to choose the the best durian in the market. He can be seen as promoting and education people about the king of fruits too.

With our fruits being exported and enjoyed across the world, does this make you proud as a Malaysian?

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