Friday, March 31, 2023

“Babi Air” challenge gone wild, criticised by Netizens

Social News"Babi Air" challenge gone wild, criticised by Netizens

“Babi Air” had been the recent trend in TikTok and if you have not heard about Babi Air, it’s actually the term for Kool Fever from the Malay society. When Kool Fever is thrown into water for hours, it will absorb the water and turn into something slimy.

Source: Youtube

This had been trending on social media for 2 weeks and a influencer from Malaysia, Aisar Khaledd, had made this a challenge with 1,000 pieces of Kool Fever. He bought the packets of Kool Fever from 2 grocery stores and started his plan with a pool of water at his backyard.

It took him several hours to just prepare the pool and unpackage all the Kool Fever. It was then left overnight for them to absorb the water to turn into the slimy thing. He even invited his friends to have fun in the pool with Kool Fever.

The video went viral, but it’s not for a good reason. He received several critics from the public for wasting money and essential products that could be important for others. The video had received 39k dislikes and it is still growing.

Knowing that this had gone wild, Aisar Khaledd had made a public apology for his actions and he promised that he will think about whether he should make that kind of content for his followers.

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