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Survey shows that 46% of Malaysians lost interest in Politics

Social NewsSurvey shows that 46% of Malaysians lost interest in Politics

Survey shows that 46% of Malaysians lost interest in Politics

Drama in politics can be exciting some times. However, in a recent study conducted by Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent-GPS) found that 46% of the respondents have lost interest in Malaysian politics and the main reason is, party-hopping.

How was the study conducted?

To understand how the numbers were derived from, and whether are they bias, we will need to first understand how the survey was conducted.

The study was conducted with 1,109 respondents, from 19 November 2020 to 10 December 2020, and this seemed to be quite recent, after all the party-hopping drama that we have went through these few months.

In the survey, the factors such as gender, age groups, residing area, income group and employment status had been given consideration and the result of the study should be fairly representative of the Malaysian demographics.

Source: CentGPS

What were the questions asked?

Among the questions asked in the survey were:

  • Awareness of party-hopping – 72% are aware of party-hopping between the MPs.
  • Concerned about party-hopping – 52% are concerned about the political stability caused by party-hopping.
  • Impact of party-hopping on their daily lives – 14% of them were directly affected by party-hopping, and 48% of them were somewhat affected..
  • Lost interest in politics – 46% of them had totally lost interest in the Malaysian Politics
  • Relating to current political crisis – 53% of them are in view that party-hopping is the root cause of the political instability Malaysia is currently facing now.
  • Understands anti party hopping law – 36% of the respondents understands anti party-hopping law, where the rest are unsure or have no knowledge of what it is.
Source: CentGPS
Source: CentGPS
Source: CentGPS

We now know that most Malaysians are losing confidence in politics and this can be a severe issue in the future. Not only it has adverse effect on the economy, investor confidence and policy planning, it too promotes politicians to implement populist policies which can be at a cost to Malaysians in long term.

After what we’ve gone through these months since March 2020, do you still have confidence in the Malaysia’s policy? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!

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