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12 yo child now sleeps on Streets as his parents died of Covid-19

As Covid-19 remained widely spread in Malaysia, the virus had took the lives of this 12 year-old boy’s parents, leaving him wandering on the streets alone.

This boy was found by Ustaz Ebit Lew on the streets of Klang and he decide to save this homeless boy.

In the Facebook post, he wrote “It breaks my hear to see a 12 year-old boy sleeping on the streets in Bukit Raja, Klang. His parents just passed away in this January after being tested positive for Covid-19. It’s pitiful that he has to live a life without any directors.”

He added that the public had been helping him and many had messaged me too. He said that the boy does not have anyone else left to help him. Furthermore, he commented that his challenge is tough for him at his age too.

Source: Facebook

While Ustaz Ebit found him on the streets, the boy immediately kissed his hands as a gesture of being friendly. When Ustaz Ebit asked about the boy’s parents, the boy immediately started bursting into tears as the painful memory flashes back.

He said that the boy does not have a handphone and do not know that this Samaritan is going to help him. After a short conversation, the boy said “I don’t have anyone anymore.”

Ustaz Ebit immediately comfort him by replying “Don’t say that, child. I and everyone around you are like your family.”

The boy then shares that he had been relying on the goodwill of passersby to break his fast. Fortunately, he won’t have to after Ustaz Ebit offered his help.

Source: Facebook

He then brought the boy to make a police report in regards to the boy’s wellbeing and enrolled him into a  Madrasah school. Ustaz Ebit even brought him around to shop for his clothes and shoes.

“Even though we’ve just met, we felt close like a family. Take care of yourself, child. I pray that you will be successful. We will meet again. He couldn’t stop saying thank you. He was happy that he could study,” he explained.

Thanks to Ustaz Ebit, this child was being put on the right path and is able to go to school again. Looking back at what the virus had caused, its a reminder for us to stay vigilant and comply with the SOPs at all times. This helps prevent more tragic incidents like this to happen in the future too.

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